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Challenging your pedagogy and maybe even your program

Challenging your pedagogy and maybe even your program

Written by Deanna Mascle
July 10, 2013

As a National Writing Project site director I think about pedagogy and education all year round, but I become truly immersed in it during the month of June. I am leading an online Summer Institute in Google+ as well as hanging about (some) in the NWP Google+ community connecting all the sites. In addition, my site is holding its traditional Invitational Summer Institute (led by some of my amazing teacher-leaders) and I have (limited) participation in person and online via Twitter (#MWPSI) with that group. I could spend all my time thinking about and talking about and learning about the many interesting topics we cover in this incredibly wide-ranging professional development but alas many other responsibilities need my attention (NWP site work is much more than the ISI plus my own research and my family etc. all make calls on my time).

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