Central California Writing Project members part of events for Digital Learning Day

CCWP Teacher Consultant Natalie Bernasconi will be presenting this afternoon in Sacramento as part of the California Writing Project’s Showcase on Digital Learning. Her “Digital ID” Project, a collaboration with Gail Desler, is described in the program for today’s Showcase:

  •  ROUND  2 Digital  ID  -­‐  Citizenship  in  the  21st  Century   The Digital ID project is an ongoing collaboration between Writing Project Teacher Consultants, Gail Desler and Natalie Bernasconi. We launched this collaborative project for our two respective school districts (Elk Grove USD and Salinas UHSD) around a burning topic: the need for our students to be firmly grounded in 21st century digital citizenship skills. The Digital ID project integrates our commitment to social justice, drawing on engaging curriculum that is infused with 21st century tools, topics, and challenges. Our project is developed around 4 central themes of citizenship and addresses the questions: What does it mean to be a (digital) citizen? What are my rights as a citizen? What are my responsibilities as a citizen? Gail  Desler,  Technology  Integration  Specialist,  Elk  Grove  Unified  School  District;  Teacher  Consultant,  Area  3  Writing  Project   Natalie  Bernasconi,  Salinas  Unified  High  School  District;  Teacher  Consultant,  Central  California  Writing  Project   Splash!  Empowering  Student  Writers  through  Video   I will share my journey into the power of using video production and multimedia writing to help my 4th grade students find their voice—and an authentic audience. Result: Saving a regional nature program! Read more about what students accomplished here: http://blog.genyes.org/index.php/2010/09/09/prairie-elementary-filmmakers/

Other events taking place in our region for digital learning:

  • Students at Renaissance High School in Watsonville, CA, are exploring Making and Writing as part of CCWP’s collaboration with the National Writing Project’s “Maker Project,” creating stories around the UN Declaration for the Rights of the Child, folkloric dancing, and gardening.
  • Students at Branciforte Middle School in Santa Cruz, CA, are learning digital storytelling and multimodal composition as part of a school-wide staff development program in collaboration with CCWP Teacher Consutants