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#ce14 Visual Stories: Why I Continue to Teach

#ce14 Visual Stories: Why I Continue to Teach

Written by Christopher Rogers
October 14, 2014

This week, I wanted to take a different approach. Using the same time that I reserve to write a post, I took the time to visualize one:

 Source photo:

Title and other information from caption card. LOT 0216 (Location of corresponding print.)Transfer; United States. Office of War Information. Overseas Picture Division. Washington Division; 1944. More information about the FSA/OWI Collection is available at Film copy on SIS roll 10, frame 152.

I chose to create this image because of a project I am working on with the PHL Black Male Educators Meetup Group hosted at The Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education. We are exploring ways to support the recruiting, nurturing, and professional development of K-12 Black male educators in addition to growing and highlighting the voices and perspectives of Black male educators who represent such a small statistical percentage of teachers in US classrooms. More to come soon…

Importantly, lest not forget that teachers uphold their contract with their students everyday in and out of the classroom. Following up from my last post, educators in Philadelphia have created a way for all educators and allies to respond to the SRC’s unprofessional actions of cowardice:

Hello fellow educators!

In a barely-announced meeting on Monday designed to keep the public out, the School Reform Commission voted to cancel the teachers union contract and require that members pay for benefits. In a district where teachers and staff are already paid much less than nearby suburban districts, this move will further push out experienced teachers, worsen the already high turnover rate, and ultimately hurt students. As students who recently went on strike in solidarity with their teachers understand, this attack on teachers is an attack on public schools.

A group of charter, community, and higher ed. educators have come together in solidarity with teachers across the city. Now it’s YOUR TURN as an educator to stand with all teachers who demand respect for them and their students.

Take a photo of yourself holding a sign that says “I am a ___[e.g. educator, charter school teacher, higher ed. professor]__ & I stand in #solidaritywithteachers #phled  Tweet and/or facebook your photo and be sure to include both hashtags! Be creative with it. Find a social media ally who can help you upload if you need one or email your photo to npalazzolo91 “at”

Open Why I Continue To Teach.pdf

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