The POWER of  WRITING Is In Our HANDS

My dilemma is how do I help students understand themselves as writers as well as make sure they are proficient with standards, and at the same time, build their confidence in education?

  • I rearrange the way I teach, then the results will change.
  • Allow students free choice writing, it proves to be rewarding and it builds identity.  
  • Allow students to work through the writing process many times. 
  • Students need more time to complete writing assignments 
  • Keep it simple.

I believe that the bridge to the learning path starts here with me and continues with the student.  Being a teacher throughout the pandemic has taught me so much and so much has been learned by us all. 

Most of all, we are creating history by just being a part of the education system.  Education and the learning process is taking on a new shape. We are being called to restructure the education process by creating new norms.

As our school year continues to unfold. I continue to seek out ways to spark my students’ imaginations to write.  I work with a great reading strategist.  In light of the Thanksgiving holiday, we agreed to the idea of creating a 4th grade recipe book for our students to share with their families.  It is also designed to be something special for our students to keep as a reminder of their collective writing efforts this year.

A keepsake! 

We brainstormed some favorite, delicious delicacies that we love to eat during the holiday.  Turns out that many students got involved.  The first step was to write a descriptive paragraph about their favorite Thanksgiving dish using sensory details to tell what it was and why they liked it so much.  Next, students were instructed to find their favorite recipe online, list the ingredients and directions on how to make their favorite dish.  For this particular writing, we first chose to get recipe books to share with students. There were many examples to share.  We also searched the internet to look up recipes as well as looked at cooking videos. 

Students are ready to put all the ingredients together and write!

Students will share their recipe writing in a group of four and then we will compile their work into a 4th Grade cookbook.   To bring completion to the project, we will take the compilation to have it printed and bound for them to take home.

It’s great to see writers commit to the craft of writing, believe in the power of words and express themselves in various ways and through all genres.