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Catching up on all that badge jazz

Written by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
February 20, 2012

On February 29, I’ll be pleased to be joining great colleagues as a judge for DML’s Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition with winners being announced on March 1.

Looking forward to the announcement of the competition winners next week, Christine C. pulls together an excellent overview of the recent discussion about badges and badging for Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning. She opens by referencing Barry Joseph’s overview and excellent recommendation that readers start with a look back at Eva L. Bakers 2007 at the American Educational Research Association’s talk called “The End(s) of Testing,”. Joseph writes:

After exploring a wide range of problems with the current use of assessments within schools, she focused on her key recommendation: the development of merit badge-like “Qualifications.” Reading her words now in the publication that grew from her talk, or watching the online recording of the original event (she begins speaking at 44:00), one is confronted by the remarkable vision and promise that has informed this grand experiment. Qualifications, according to Baker, “shift attention from schoolwork to usable and compelling skills, from school life to real life.” Accreditation will shift from just schools to a wide range of institutions. Youth will assemble their collections to show their families, adults in the workforce and in universities, and themselves. If you are new to thinking about digital badging systems, there are few better places to start to understand the pedagogical underpinnings of these efforts.

But the story doesn’t end there as Christine C. covers some of the back and forth in the blogosphere about badges. Check out the thoughtful summary of the public discussion about badges at Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning.

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