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Bringing Schools and Communities together with Writing!

Written by Heather Locke
December 09, 2020

As I take my journey through the National Writing Project with Southern Nevada as my home base I hope to accomplish a way to bring families and communities closer together through the skill of writing.

I currently teach in a community where many families are afraid to help or don’t know how to help.  In reality, many parents don’t understand the writing process or how to help at home with their children.  My goal is to be able to collaborate with others to create ideas, run ideas by and create a literacy program that can be easily passed on to my community even if I am not there. My goal is create a plan that I can bring with me anywhere I can in order to help schools and families better connect.

We see so often today that many people just don’t talk which causes a drift in communication skills which then cause a lack of knowledge in good writing.  Writing is a skill, it is a creative outlet and it takes simple understanding of holding a conversation to know how to write with your own voice.  I really want to be able to find the best way to help families better engage with their children, students, in everyday academics to help improve in their daily classroom lives and beyond.

I hope that with this program I will be able to find the best way to bring my school to the community to learn about my community and help them better understand what writing is and the importance of simple daily conversations.  I want to be able to create mini videos to show the writing process and how it looks and how to help guide parents.  I want to teach parents as if they are in the classroom and I want to get to know them.  I hope to find good ideas and bounce off my ideas to improve and bring schools and communities closer together.