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Beyond This Moment in Time: A Found Poem

Written by Kevin Hodgson
March 10, 2012

I was reading through NWP’s Elyse Eidman-Aadahl’s comments about digital writing over at the DML Central Blog. As usual, she has some interesting things to say about where we are, and where things may be going, and the increasingly important role that teachers have in these transitions.

Read the interview

I found myself stopping at some points in the piece, mulling over phrases and ideas,, and so in the spirit of remixing someone else’s content to create something new (I hope), here is a found poem from the article (with apologies to Elyse).

Beyond This Moment in Time

Writers still mean something –
We make the world: piece by piece, bit by bit
Design it – Circulate it
Participate in it

Write yourself
right into the middle of it –
Look for patterns
Understand the shift

Making, creating, collaborating
Producing real work that matters –
Slow down and take oneself

Take the noise in your head
and shape your mind into
the act of writing.

Step out into the world.

The podcast version is here, too.

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