Beautiful to see: Sharing, discussing and reflecting

We’ve noticed Digital Is resources being picked up by others and circulated in very exciting ways recently.

For instance, State of the Re: Union found Danielle Filipiak’s resource called I Love My City: Youth as Community Problem Solvers and Creators in 21st Century Classrooms and featured it via a blog post on their website title A Youth-Inspired School Project where they asked the following questions:

“There are so many ways for people to get their message out, but how is it done effectively? What are some other tactics used in your community to get people to actually listen and learn about important concerns?”

Denyell Suomi’s resource on Technology and Kindergarten: Is It Possible? was similarly picked up by Stephen Ransom and the link to it was just reposted (see Technology and Kindergarten: Is It Possible? EdTechTrack) giving a wonderful opportunity to revisit this work. Stephen shares this resource through an audio reading followed by highlights and his own take-away reflections.

Stephen writes,

“… as I began to read, skimming quickly came to a halt as I was drawn in to this kindergarten teacher’s experience. … It has so many important bits woven throughout the fabric of the story …”

Every day we see Digital Is resources being shared via Twitter and other social media. It is very beautiful to see the way learning is shared through our interconnected networks! We’d love to hear in what ways these resources are useful and what questions they raise for you too.

Thank you everyone for your contributions and continued development of this important work.

NWP Digital Admins