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Peter Shaheen


My current passion centers on any doings with 21st Century Literacies whatever that means.  I have been the beneficiary of wonderful professional development from a variety of incredible sources including the NWP, the University of Michigan, the fine folks at Northeastern who run the summer program at Martha's Vineyard, Oakland Schools, Berkeley, and Kennesaw State.  My own school district has proved to be a wonderful place to work, supporting all my efforts at professional development.  It goes without saying that I am older than dirt, however, I feel like I just crawled out of the sea (in a good way). Despite this Panglossian introduction,  it is easy to recognize the complications and contradictions in our work.  The most difficult ball to juggle among the many we toss around all day is social justice.  Providing equity, diversity and access for all learners is a challenge that makes stutter.   Despite all this powerful learning afforded to me, I have failed and continue to fail to get it right, so to speak.  Argh!  That being said, it is still the best world I have even if it is not the best of all possible worlds.


Birmingham Public Schhils, Seaholm High School