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Sally Cain


It can't be...the beginning of my 32nd year teaching! I can smell retirement. For years now my passion has been working with adults and youngsters as they learn technology. I believe that technology is a broad word that encompasses everything from a pencil sharpener to building a web site, and everything in between. It is my joy to work with a "newbie" as they tackle their fears of the unknown. I have been a teacher, vice-principal, principal, and curriculum coordinator. I have worked closely with CTAP leaders as curriculum was being developed. I also was able to serve as the only classroom teacher to be part of the California Teacher Credentialling committee to evaluate university programs and how they approach teaching teachers to use technology in the classrooms. I have a master's in Curriculum and Instruction from Chico State University. I currently work with at-risk youth in a Community Day School where I am a teaching principal. Thanks for your time, Sally Cain