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  • Hack Your Notebook Day

    Hack Your Notebook Day

    Educator Innovator helped organize a Hack Your Notebook Day event last week involving paper circuitry, LED lights, and a great deal of sharing, collaborating and reflecting. Check out the great notebook hacks produced by youth and adults from around the country.

  • Making for the Masses (aka Paper Circuitry)

    Making for the Masses (aka Paper Circuitry)

    Reposted from my blog. Paper + Circuits + LED stick-on lights + Art and Creativity = Hacked Notebook. As in: and and This low-cost, lo-fidelity making happened this week at the National Writing Project’s Annual Meeting, Jie Qi of MIT’s Media Lab along with her collaborators David Cole, Jennifer Dick and me representing my org,…

  • “What Connected Education Looks Like”

    “What Connected Education Looks Like”

    The New York Times Learning Network asked this question of me and 27 other educators to kick off Connected Educator Month: What might “connected teaching” or “connected learning” — that is, using technology to build communities and share knowledge — look like in practice? Describe one recent example, small or large, from your own classroom…

  • DML: Make a Beautiful Six-Word Memoir

    DML: Make a Beautiful Six-Word Memoir

    This is reposted from my personal blog. I’ve just returned from four days at the Digital Media and Learning Conference, where the spotlight was squarely focused on youth civic engagement powered by the digital. It’s a topic I have great interest in these days because of work I’m involved with in the Oakland, CA, Unified School…

  • Making as Writing/Writing as Making: Six-Word Memoirs

    Making as Writing/Writing as Making: Six-Word Memoirs

    Late to the game, I’ve recently become intrigued by the six-word memoir form. Started by Smith Magazine in 2006 with the question, “Can you tell your life story in six words,” the idea has gained a lot of traction. Organizations like National Public Radio have picked up on it and Smith Magazine has published Six-Word…

  • Upstanders, not Bystanders

    Upstanders, not Bystanders

      The Calfiornia Writing Project, along with Common Sense Media, is issuing a call to write and submit digital responses to the prompt: What does it mean to be an upstander? According to CWP, an upstander is an individual, group or institution that chooses to take a positive stand and act on behalf of themselves…

  • OpenNews, Philly-style

    OpenNews, Philly-style

    This is cross-posted from my blog. I was a reporter in a time before the graphical web. My small daily newspaper distributed print editions only, spit out at a dizzying pace by the presses in the back of our building. You absolutely knew when you’d gone to press because you could feel the low rumble…

  • The Writable Society

    This is cross-posted from my blog. Let’s just get this out of the way: I’m lucky. I’m lucky because I got to attend Mozilla’s annual gathering known as Mozfest last weekend at the beautiful Ravensbourne Institute of digital media and design in London. Yes, that’s right. London. But much more than the incredible location, Mozfest…

  • #WhatIWrite Storify

    Last Friday marked a celebration by adults and youth of the National Day on Writing. Thousands took to social media using text and images to explain what they write. Here’s a curated set of what some shared on Twitter.

  • Building a Case

    I had the pleasure and privilege of being in a Connected Learning Google Hangout today with a bunch of very smart people. Antero Garcia, a Digital Is author, was the featured guest and he framed the hangout by titling it: “A Discussion on Transforming Classrooms, Schools, and the Teaching Profession.” The conversation, which you can…