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  • Make of the Day: Tofu Scramble Tacos #ce14

    Make of the Day: Tofu Scramble Tacos #ce14

    Today’s make for Connected Educator Month is “Make Some Fabulous Food.” Right up my alley! I made tofu scramble tacos, my take on a recipe from Post Punk Kitchen.

  • “Bringing CLMOOC Back Home,” Part 5 #ce14

    “Bringing CLMOOC Back Home,” Part 5 #ce14

    My students have been writing commentaries about The House on Mango Street for about a month. I modified Sheridan Blau’s format to account for the fact that I’m working with 9th-graders instead of college students. At the beginning of the year, my students often respond to challenging tasks by remaining quiet and waiting for help.

  • “Bringing CLMOOC Back Home,” Part 4 (An Interlude) #ce14

    I intended to blog about writing commentaries with my students in this post, but my thoughts went in a different direction this week. In Chapter 4 of In the Middle, Nancie Atwell recounts a visit to her classroom from the legendary writer and teacher Don Graves.

  • “Bringing CLMOOC Back Home,” Part 3 #ce14

    “Bringing CLMOOC Back Home,” Part 3 #ce14

    ust as my CLMOOC 2013 adventure began with an invitation in the spring, my CLMOOC 2014 experiences began in the spring with an invitation from Christina Cantrill and Kevin Hodgson to be a member of 2014 CLMOOC support team. The team’s role was to support, coach, and encourage CLMOOC participants as they created and connected…

  • “Bringing CLMOOC Back Home,” Part 2 #ce14

    “Bringing CLMOOC Back Home,” Part 2 #ce14

    In her book ELL Shadowing As A Catalyst for Change, Ivania Soto quotes a teacher who – after following a protocol to shadow an English Learner student for several periods – discovered that she was doing most of the talking in her classroom. The teacher goes on to note that the person who talks the…

  • “Bringing CLMOOC Back Home” Parts 1-5 #ce14

    “Bringing CLMOOC Back Home” Parts 1-5 #ce14

    In the spring of 2013, when I accepted Carolyn Frank’s offer to be the Connected Learning liaison for the Los Angeles Writing Project (LAWP), I was excited at the opportunity. When the Connected Learning Massively Open Online Collaboration (CLMOOC) began in the summer, however, my excitement turned to puzzlement, as I struggled to make sense…