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Jennifer Ward


Picture the quirky, eccentric English teacher - you know the one who would jump up and down excitedly talking about the psychoanalytic interpretations of a text or gesticulate wildly about the double entendres found in a line of poetry - and you've got Ms. Jennifer Ward, high school English teacher and technology enthusiast. And that interest in the connection between teaching writing and technology has earned her a string of abbreviations, including GCT, NWP Fellow through the PA Writing and Literature Project, PBWorks Certified Teacher and Mentor, as well as being active in NCTE, PCTELA, and EdCampPhilly. And when not in front of a class or a computer, Jen's either in front of her sewing machine or got a glue gun in hand. Jen's a crafty gal to know!


Haverford Twp. School District