Author: MrChase

  • Inquiry Beats Mastery

    Inquiry Beats Mastery

    An education with inquiry as it’s goal beats an education with mastery as it’s goal every time. I didn’t realize this is how I feel until a friend asked about the role of mastery at SLA. Here’s why.

  • Communication is Key (And We Can Do It Better)

    Communication is Key (And We Can Do It Better)

      Speak about mobile technologies in most any school setting and you’re likely to find frenetic conversation about the role of these technologies in facilitating learning. You’ll find educators trading app recommendations, discussing the productivity possible through mobile phones, tablets, and the like. They discuss notetaking, the dissemination of class resources, and the opportunities of…

  • Class blogs should be open spaces

    The walled discussion board almost feels normal at this point. As a tool, I can understand the use of a discussion board as a community builder and idea incubator. I’m a fan of those concepts. I’m still calling wangdoodles when discussion boards are utilized for awkward or inauthentic purposes, but I can see their usefulness as an…