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Mariam Cronin


I retired from a full-time teaching position in 2007, after almost 40 years in the classroom. However, I soon discovered that I missed my life's work. As a result, I took a part-time job teaching Title I reading in a charter school which is part of the Coalition of Essential Schools. I continue to work part time, but I am now serving as the ELA team leader and, to some degree, as a curriculum coordinator. Over the years, I have participated in three different summer workshops sponsored by the National Writing Project. My first workshop was facilitated by Don Murray at the University of New Hampshire. I continue to use the tenets of the National Writing Project both in my own writing and in my role as an educator. I have been fortunate enough to have two articles published in the ENGLISH JOURNAL, a direct outcome of what I learned through the National Writing Project.


Sizer School: A North Central Charter Essential School