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Molly Adams


I am a teacher in central/north Texas in a lovely small-ish town called Waxahachie. I have a background in STEM/ECHS and project based learning. While some birds roost; this bird sings. I teach high school, I read, I travel, I cook, I write, I disco round the world. I love baseball, Frogs, STEM learning, and thinking about how to integrate project based learning and writing workshop. I am a co-director and professional development instructor/teacher consultant for the North Star of Texas Writing Project, working with advocacy, PR, technical communications, data, PD, student intervention, and curriculum development for the next year. I previously served as the board Vice President for Membership and Affiliates for the NCTE state affiliate, TCTELA. I am a former Secondary Teacher of the Year with TCTELA. I am also a teacher consultant for both Educate Texas (STEM) and NWP's local site, North Star of Texas Writing Project. Follow me on Twitter @finchgirl10 and find me Tuesday evenings in #pblchat at 7 pm CST. I also am actively involved in the NEXMAP, National Writing Project, Educator Innovator and "Hacking the Notebook" work of paper circuitry and combining notebook remixing with art, literacy, and technology. I spend a lot of time on writing I can share in my classroom. I am working on being brave enough to see if I can get published.  I also have a blog where I am attempting to tease out the careful marriage of project based learning with writing workshop approaches to teaching.  It is a difficult marriage to maintain, and we are always trying to work out our differences. I never seem to write enough on it. :) I am currently into integrating STEM into reading and writing more, which is forever fueled by my investment in and love of FIRST robotics as a team sponsor/coach. Go team 2805! #omgrobots