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Felicia George


From 1999 throuhg 2010 I served as one of the associate directors for the New York City Writing Project. I began my work at NYCWP as a TC in elementary and middle schools.  During that time I consulted in a middle school and three elementary schools and coordinated several projects including the NYC Middle School Initiative, the NWP New Teacher and Technology Initiatives and several reading projects.  I also for coordinated the efforts of a privately funded Elementary Leadership Program to expand our Writing Project's services to elementary teachers in New York City.    I was invited to join the NWP's Technology Liaisons Network's Leadership Team in spring of 2005 and have served as the co-chair since 2007.  During that time I've shared the technology liaison's position with Paul Allison, a high school English teacher, at our site.  Together we've planned and lead programs for teachers and our group of on-site teacher-consultants introducing them to new technology programs and building their knowledge of writing in digital environments.   I began my career as an early childhood teacher working in Head Start and moved into administrative positions for non-profit educational organizations.  The missions of several of these organizations was to provide professtional development, resources and consulting to teachers and other educators on specialized topics, such as non-sexist education, service learning and literacy. For a time I worked for a foster care agency as their education director with responsibility for monitoring the educational progress of the children in its care by attending school meetings, running programs for foster and biological parents and supporting social workers in their interactions with schools.   I developed an interest in technology and particularly computers as I learned to use first word processing and later databases for managing information in several of the administrative positions I held.  I also explored using computers to enhance literacy development as I studied for a masters degree from Bank Street College.  This was my introduction to technology and these experiences are the foundation for my current interests in technologies and their increasing influence on our world.


Institute for Literacy Studies/Lehman College, CUNY


Bronx, NY 10468