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Danielle Nicole DeVoss


I research computer/technological literacies; feminist interpretations of and interventions in computer technologies; and intellectual property issues in digital space. I teach in the Professional Writing program at Michigan State University, where I teach digital literacies, digital composing, document design, and more. I co-edited (with Heidi McKee) Digital Writing Research: Technologies, Methodologies, and Ethical Issues (2007, Hampton Press), which won the 2007 Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award. I also co-edited (with Heidi McKee and Dickie Selfe) Technological Ecologies and Sustainability, the first title to be published by Computers and Composition Digital Press, the only digital press with a university press imprint. The book is available at: Troy Hicks, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, and I just published a National Writing Project book, titled Because Digital Writing Matters (2010, Jossey-Bass), and I'm finishing up an edited collection with Martine Courant Rife and Shaun Slattery, titled Copy(write): Intellectual Property in the Composition Classroom.


East Lansing

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