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Aram Kabodian


I've been a writer for years.  It was only in the last six or seven years, however, that I started sharing my writing with my students.  Since going through the Summer Institute at RCWP, I have focused more on finding ways to connect students to that spark inside them --- and the route has almost always involved writing. I have found my home in the middle school after teaching at the high school in both Language Arts and Special Education.  Teachers in my building seem to think that I know something about using technology to enhance students' learning, but I think it's only because I like to experiment with it more than they do; one good thing about technology is that it keeps you humble and it uses a bat on me at times.   Besides writing, I need these things to feel healthy and happy:  music (singing, dancing, listening, creating), humor, exercise (soccer, biking, walking), reading a few books at a time, and family.


MacDonald Middle School