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Alt-Ac Reflections

Alt-Ac Reflections

Written by Deanna Mascle
January 18, 2014

Usually I blog about writingtechnologyteaching, and the many ways they intersect in National Writing Project work, but I’ve been meaning to write about my alternate academic track experience for some time and my usual end of the semester reflection, in true Profhacker 3×3 fashion, seemed the right time. I wrote my traditional course evaluation featuring my first experience teaching First Year Seminar featuring the Walking Dead and Superheroes last week (see Embracing Zombies) and now this week I will share my evaluation of my first semester holding an alternate academic (alt-ac) position.

I’ve been struggling with how honest to be about my current position. If I worked in Kansas I certainly wouldn’t write this post, but I work with Lee Skallerup Bessette and she still gets her paychecks so here goes.

Read the full “Alt-Ac Reflections” post on my Metawriting blog at: