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A COVID-19 Time Capsule

Written by Maggie Marley
January 13, 2021

Our Family Literacy Project team has decided we will create a time capsule for the families at our school.

The idea behind it is to get families involved and to hear their experiences during the COVID19 pandemic.

We don’t have allllll the details worked out, but we’d like to provide templates and prompts for parents and students in their home languages like:

What things are you proud of from this season?

What things did your family do during this time?

What was it like to stay home and go to school online?

And a few more along these lines. Some may be more open ended like “share your favorite memory from this season” to allow families to share their stories however they’d like. We want this to bring families together as they plan what they will say. We will send out FlipGrid links for them to respond with a video, or written prompts for them to respond in writing. Then we will make a multi-media presentation of all of the responses and share it with the community before we bury it in our time capsule (a USB key).

I think what I hope to accomplish most is just to get families working together to reflect on their year and share it! On a deeper level, I hope it brings them a sense of pride and community – knowing that we’ve persevered through a year of this new way of living. Many families have endured some really hard things due to COVID19 – but they are still standing. I hope this project can encourage them to feel proud of that. I hope that hearing other peoples’ stories will bring them hope as well.

Stay tuned… we will see how this goes 🙂