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A call for Mentor-ship from a 1st year teacher.

A call for Mentor-ship from a 1st year teacher.

Written by Elvira Gonzalez
July 31, 2015

My story:

I just graduated in May 2015 with my Masters in Early Childhood Education

A degree upon my hand, questions, reality slapping me left and right…

Is this a dream, did the wind really whispered in my ears?

Did I just hear, you are not done learning!

Is that true, I thought I was, or I hope I did!

Wow, grad school was such a journey

Where do I go from here?

How can I continue to expand my knowledge on Early childhood education?

At home, no way! Being home takes me back to the reality of the other me

Who is that person? The first in the family to graduate with a Masters

The one that made her grandmother in heaven proud

I immigrated to this country when I was four

Too sheltered in my own community and family

I need to expand my resources

I need more knowledge of the world that is so vast

I need more of more, or anything

To help, yes to help my future students

I need to be prepare, I need support

Yes, support! I need to leave that comfort zone

Elvira is time to wake up and take matters into your own hands

Everything is right in front of you

You must reach out for help

Learning never ends after grad school

Open your eyes, take advantage

Don’t leave all this learning behind

Technology is the key to that open door

Teachers, teachers past and present

Please come to my rescue

Mentor me, guide me!

I am a new teacher who wants to be prepare to the maximum

What are some of your best practice?

Any advice for me?