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7 Rules for Teaching Writers

7 Rules for Teaching Writers

Written by Deanna Mascle
August 22, 2015

I have been blogging away diligently for more than two years and it should be no surprise (on a blog titled Metawriting) that more than half the posts written to date have focused on writing. About half of those have been discussions about a specific assignment or activity to support writing, but the other half have been a mixture of rants (about the way writing is taught and assessed in so many schools) and raves (celebrating the National Writing Project and the wonderful peers who inspire me). However, there are eight posts in particular that I want to highlight (thumbnails below link to these posts), because they get at the heart of my philosophy of teaching writers. No, that’s not quite right, these posts make up the pillars of my manifesto for teaching writers which can be summed up with these seven rules:

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