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2021: What do I want to accomplish with Panda?

Written by Sarah Rager
December 16, 2020

I am very hopeful about 2021. 2021 will bring a vaccine for many, a return to somewhat normal, and for me, a baby. Looking forward, I see so much potential.

This year has felt so limiting sometimes–in many ways, we have had no control. Since March, I have taken things one day at a time, and tried to offer my students and myself as much grace as possible. But school has been different, and what I feel like we have lost the most is that connection that we felt when we were physically together.

I do not know if we will return to school in-person this year, but I do hope that we can find ways to reconnect. My colleagues and I are planning to use our Panda time and funds to create a virtual event to bring in families to tell their stories and share from their vast funds of knowledge. We hope to bring these family artifacts together into a community photo album that we can keep online and physically in school once we return. I hope that this project can help us regain our sense of school community, so that once we return, we will have learned more about each other and grown together during our time apart.