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I am member of the Oregon Writing Project, and I am a co-founder of Child’s Way Charter School in Oregon.

The charter is in its fifth year of operation. The charter's mission is to create an environment that allows students to explore and discover their strengths and weaknesses in their education. We have an emphasis on the implementation of technology. The ning showcases some of students individual and group projects. In "Problems Have Solutions" the students learned what it takes to solve the cube and then go on to work with one another to construct a machine to solve the cube. Its about the process. 

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"Who wants to go outside and smash some rotten apples?" 

Most students were eager to participate in this unorthodox request. 

“This is language arts, right?” 

“Yes, trust me.” 

Some wanted to hit, others wanted to pitch, some wanted to film, and some just wanted to be outside in the sun. The event was splendid, many great shots and many more good memories. The next day, I put the question to the students, 

“How do we relate this activity to writing and justify to the powers that be, parents, administrators, and ourselves, how this is related to writing?  

“We can write personal essays about our experiences.” 

“We can choose to write a persuasive argument in favor of using rotten apples and fruits to learn about the writing process.”

on Jan 20, 2012
by Travis Powell
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TED Talks: Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent (aid) education

About Khan Academy

I use Khan Academy  as a resource to clarify mathematical concepts for an integrated classroom of 9th - 12th graders at a Charter school in Oregon. I personal use Khan on a regular basis to continue my acquisition of mathematics & quantitative reasoning. I am 38 years old, and and the more I learn the more I come to the realization of how little it is I know. My honesty disarms my need to pretend I know more than do. I will tell you when I do not know something and if inspired, I will work to find the answer. 

on Jan 11, 2012
by Travis Powell
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These documentaries were used in a high school language arts class at Child's Way Charter School, to bring relevance to our writing, while fostering critical thinking skills. 

The lessons objectives are to identifying the components of a given system and the relationships between the components: direct and indirect causation, positive & negative feedback loops, purpose and evaluation of a given system & unintended consequences of the system. I encourage students to identify leverage points within a system to bring about a desired change. There are many stances that can be taken in response to these resources, thats why I like using them, in addition to critical thinking skills it provides an opportunity to respectfully listen to dissent or support of the perspectives expressed in these resources. 

Food Incorporated


on Jan 9, 2012
by Travis Powell

“What is one goal you would like to accomplish in your lifetime?”

This was a question I posed to the student body of a self contained high school class at Child's Way Charter School. It soon became apparent that many of the students were unable to give a goal that they would like to accomplish in their future.

I stepped out and shared with them a modest goal of my own, being able to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I had been attempting to reach this goal - to solve it on my own - since I had discovered the cube in fourth grade. My strategies to solve the cube, so far, had yielded no success and had rather transformed my goal into a persistent problem.

on Jan 9, 2012
by Travis Powell