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Tommy Buteau, M.Ed. with specialization in Educational Leadership, Renewal and Change. His research interests include the impact of technology, choice, community, and stewardship on educational democracy and student engagement.

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What does it mean to be connected? An interesting question for educators to think about. Another one might be, "How can we show students the power behind community and connected learning?" One way might be to allow students to create a book together that celebrates the connections between people, one that displays beauty, subtlety, and thematic continuity through these connections. If being connected means to be interrelated and independent, would authors become connected by creating a collection of interrelated stories that each have an independent voice? Perhaps, but what if the process could be created in a way that the connections between the students allowed for the creation of the final product? Could classroom convesations led by students' ideas really allow a diverse group to achieve something that would be impossible for a single independent writer to imagine? Yes, but how?

connected learning, Creative Writing, differentiation, NaNoWriMo
May 23, 2014
by Tommy Buteau