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Director of Ozarks Writing Project; Assistant Professor of English at Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri

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Across the country, in 200+ sites, National Writing Project Summer Institutes transform teachers through similar experiences—demos, reading and research, writing and responding. Connections are formed through these transformational experiences; maintaining these connections, both with and among teachers, beyond the Summer Institute, is our goal as site leaders at the Ozarks Writing Project (OWP). Our interest in digital literacies has led us to explore how digital tools can help develop strong continuity within our site, starting with the connections forged during the Summer Institute. The most recent tool that our site has explored is Twitter. Blogs to wikis to university web page to Facebook to Ning to Twitter. These are all tools and platforms that we have used as a site to build our presence as a site--to make connections with teachers and the community.

on Mar 15, 2011
by Keri Franklin

Learning a new genre—whatever the form—can remind us of what it means to learn to write.

In February 2009, I created a Twitter account. As Director of the Ozarks Writing Project at Missouri State University, a site of the National Writing Project, I imagined using Twitter to provide updates about events at our site.

on Mar 14, 2011
by Keri Franklin