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High School English/Film Teacher in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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I'm not an architect, nor do I have any training on how to design a building. But this summer, I was inspired to teach basic principles of architecture in my English class. I read an article in the New York Times, "Writers as Architects," that got me thinking about how buildings are like stories.

on Dec 25, 2013
by George Mayo

I teach a class called Lights, Camera, Media Literacy! that has a great children's book project in the curriculum. The students create children's books in order to learn about the basic elements of plot. I thought it would be fun to take this project to another level by bringing in a local artist to work with the students on their illustrations and to self-publish all the stories as a book in full color. I also wanted to use the project as a way to teach the concept of theme. I asked the students to come up with stories inspired by past transitional experiences in their lives. They had to think of times whe

on Feb 20, 2012
by George Mayo