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I am an educator in Austin, Texas. I Over the last 15 years I have taught middle and high school English and social studies in Texas and English as a Second Language in South Korea and Eastern Europe. I hold a masters in Educational Technology and am the Tech Liaison for the Central Texas Writing Project. Currently I work with teachers and schools to integrate technology into curriculum in meaningful ways.

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I’ve been thinking a lot this year about connected learning. Wondering which principles already live in my classroom and how I might breathe life into other.


interest-driven, peer supported, digital stories, academically oriented, connected learning, production centered, shared purpose
May 24, 2013
by Jennifer Woollven
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The last year has been a journey of making sense and meaning of what exactly connected learning is and what it means to me. Along the way I've had the privilege of joining conversations with amazing NWP teachers about what it looks like and how it takes shape. I’m constantly comparing this framework to the things that I do as a teacher - wondering which principles already live in my classroom and how I might breathe life into others. What I’ve realized is that shared purpose is more than just collaboration among students, but that shared purpose can be something that emerges quite organically as students pursue their passions and engage with their communities.

participatory culture, shared purpose
Aug 6, 2013
by Jennifer Woollven