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I'm a former teacher of adult English learners and high school students in Kansas City (on both sides of the state line). I will forever claim the Greater Kansas City Writing Project as my professional home, though I now live and work in Oakland, California. My work keeps me focused on digital media and learning. I currently review apps for Common Sense Media and YogiPlay, with an emphasis on apps for learning.

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If we teach today's students as we did yesterday's, we are robbing them of tomorrow. —John Dewey

on Apr 15, 2011
by Erin Wilkey Oh

Hackasaurus is a set of open tools that allow anyone to see and play with the building blocks of the Web. Designed to introduce young people to coding and basic HTML, Hackasaurus takes advantage of youth interest in tinkering and remixing. 

on Mar 16, 2011
by Erin Wilkey Oh