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I teach sixth grade in Southampton, Massachusetts at the William E. Norris Elementary School, where my students use technology for publishing and creation throughout the year ( I am also the co-director of technology with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project ( and a co-editor of the book collection Teaching the New Writing: Technology, Change and Assessment in the 21st Century Classroom ( 0807749648.shtml) that examines the role of technology in the writing classroom in the age of standardized testing and assessment. I also dabble in the world of classroom-based humor through my Boolean Squared webcomic ( and other assorted places. I also spent a fair amount of time on Twitter (


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(This first appeared at my blog, Kevin's Meandering Mind)

Inspired by all the remixing of Garfield comics, and the back page Caption Contest of the New Yorker magazine, I decided yesterday to remove the dialogue from one of my own webcomics for our Make Cycle around hacking writing for the Making Learning Connected MOOC, and open it up to people to add their own. Call it community hacking.

First, I used this comic, which is part of a series I am doing for the CLMOOC:
Hacking writing

hacking, make/hack/play, clmooc, comic, remix, webcomic
Jul 12, 2014
by Kevin Hodgson

CLMOOC cowbell

Raise your hand if you know the reference to this meme? As part of our exploration of memes as cultural currency with the Making Learning Connected MOOC, I decided to use this particular meme and deconstruct it a bit. And I decided to do it in comic form.


Check out how Google Trends followed the "more cowbell" concept over time:

clmooc, comic, Meme, reflection
Jun 25, 2014
by Kevin Hodgson

(Note: This was first published on my blog)

#makesummer, clmooc, curation, make
Jun 21, 2014
by Kevin Hodgson

(reposted from my blog)
CLMOOC Overview Map 2014 The first days of the Making Learning Connected MOOC have already brought a stream of cool sharing and connections. As a facilitator, I try to keep an eye on posts, making sure everyone is being greeted into whatever space they share, and just keeping a pulse on things that might emerge (avatar creators, for example).

Yet, even for me, the open nature of our kind of Massive Open Online Collaboration can present the problem of "Where is the center of this whole thing?" Well, the easy answer is, there is no real center, although the main website and newsletters are anchors.

#connectedlearning, clmooc, community, domain, network
Jun 15, 2014
by Kevin Hodgson

Come join the fun and learning with the Making Learning Connected MOOC. There's always room for you!


May 22, 2014
by Kevin Hodgson