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I teach sixth grade in Southampton, Massachusetts at the William E. Norris Elementary School, where my students use technology for publishing and creation throughout the year ( I am also the co-director of technology with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project ( and a co-editor of the book collection Teaching the New Writing: Technology, Change and Assessment in the 21st Century Classroom ( 0807749648.shtml) that examines the role of technology in the writing classroom in the age of standardized testing and assessment. I also dabble in the world of classroom-based humor through my Boolean Squared webcomic ( and other assorted places. I also spent a fair amount of time on Twitter (


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It's November and that marks the launch of this year's Digital Writing Month. We know you have a lot of writing choices in November (why is that? why November?) with NaNoWriMo and all of those interesting projects underway. With DigiWriMo, the aim is to investigate and push at the edges of what writing is and what writing is becoming, and tinker, play and collaborate.

Sort of like the mission of Digital Is, right?

Check out the Digital Writing Month home for more information.

on Nov 1, 2015
by Kevin Hodgson

CLMOOC Emergent Branches

(Year One Emergence Ideas: CLMOOC)

on Oct 23, 2015
by Kevin Hodgson

(This first appeared at my blog: Kevin's Meandering Mind. Feel free to do with it what you want.)

Digital writing is untethered writing

on Oct 11, 2015
by Kevin Hodgson

(This originally appeared at Kevin's Meandering Mind)

Each year, when I teach Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt, I make sure to read the first few chapters out loud to my sixth graders. This gives them a feel for the poetic style of writing and allows them to visualize some important elements of the setting.

It also leads me to a great passage on page 7 that always sparks interesting discussions and debate among students:

on Jul 22, 2015
by Kevin Hodgson