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Hello! I am an Associate Director for National Programs at the National Writing Project and have been working alongside writing project educators since the early 90s exploring the emerging possibilities of the Internet and networked technology. You can find me hanging out at Educator Innovator. I have a background in curriculum studies as well as participatory arts practice as a former volunteer and then chair at Spiral Q Puppet Theater, a community-based social justice organization based in Philadelphia. More recently I both co-design and teach in a new Connected Learning Certificate program at Arcadia University.

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I am excited.

on Apr 12, 2013
by Christina Cantrill

At the NWP, as well as in many other places across the globe (see #etmooc, #literacies chat,, EdWeek) educators are learning, thinking and unpacking, together, the principles of Connected Learning.

We are Learning Connected Learning, together.

on Mar 26, 2013
by Christina Cantrill
Uploaded by christina on 2013-03-25 20:12

This collection pulls together the research by Josyln Young. Young "wanted to figure out more about what teaching, learning, and pedagogy look like beyond the classroom" and studied young producers at the Philadelphia Student Union and Chester Voices for Change and how they learn and master skills in media production.

on Mar 25, 2013
by Christina Cantrill

Ben Kirshner, from University of Colorado Boulder, kicked off the question/answer session of the Envisioning 21st Century Civic Education panel at DML by highlighting three principles of connected learning that he thinks might support us in moving in the right direction in terms of civic education:

  • interest-driven
  • openly networked
  • production-centered

He then framed the word “interest” in relation to civic engagement, in particular, in a way that I thought was really helpful and probably would be of interest here too. He said:

on Mar 19, 2013
by Christina Cantrill