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Christian McKay is a doctoral student in Learning Sciences at Indiana  University. Christian is a working sculptor with his MFA from California College of the Arts. This experience and his prior lives as a helicopter mechanic, arborist, foundryman, and high school art teacher have helped shape his divergent thinking in education. Christian's research interests extend to design-based curriculum, and creativity through craft and digital fabrication in the classroom. His current project is a collaboration with Bloomington Project School in Indiana to build a Fab Cart to bring digital fabrication technology into the classroom for K-8 children.


Indiana University



As a professional artist, deepening the ways in which seemingly disparate objects and processes are interconnected through locating, and mapping their intersections has been one of the main elements of my studio practice. The Fab Lab tools and working processes create an environment that is well suited to investigating those types of intersections.

on Apr 7, 2013
by christian mckay