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Apr 14 2013

Why Writing Studio?

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The Writing Workshop is a time-honored tradition among writing teachers trained in National Writing Project methods as well as followers of Peter ElbowLucy Calkins, and Nancy Atwell. In a writing workshop, students are given the freedom to work at their own pace and have control over their own production schedule and often their topics (although usually some guidelines are provided). Instruction usually takes place in the form of short lessons (mini-lessons of 15 minutes or so) focused on a specific just-in-time response to a writing challenge that the teacher identified or introduce a skill or technique the teacher judges the students are ready to add to their writing toolbox. The development and polishing of individual student pieces is an ongoing process supported by conferences with the teacher as well as peer feedback. Completed pieces are celebrated through various forms of publication from performance to display to electronic or paper dissemination.

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