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Jan 04 2012

What are your plans for National Digital Learning Day on February 1, 2012?

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Building upon a growing movement, the National Writing Project (NWP), is calling on teachers, schools, principals, community leaders, parents, and students to participate in the inaugural national Digital Learning Day on February 1, 2012. An effort of the Alliance for Excellent Education, Digital Learning Day links together a wide range of states, organizations, and corporate partners to call attention to the powerful work going on in the many districts and classrooms where educators are making thoughtful use of the potential of digital tools.

The website, DigitalLearningDay.org, offers customized toolkits for all audiences, grades, and subjects to help you think about how you can contribute to the campaign. Teachers, principals, students, leaders, parents, and communities are invited to visit DigitalLearningDay.org today to register to receive toolkits, resources, and invitations to run-up events and activities.

The National Writing Project has several digital writing initiatives in place, including Digital Is and Because Digital Writing Matters, which examines what teachers, administrators, and parents can do to help schools meet the challenges of digital writing and to equip students with the technology-related communication skills they need to thrive in our information-rich, high-speed, high-tech culture.

What are you planning? Any good ideas you are thinking about? ... We encourage you to share and build this day together!

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<p>I normally teach online, but I don't always focus on writing, so on National Digital Learning Day it makes sense for me to do something in my online courses that honors the National Writing Project. I have taught writing in a face-to-face setting and have always had good results having students respond to images, so I will assign them the following prompt:</p> <p><em>If you owned this building, and had 3 million dollars to do something with it, what would you use it for? It currently houses and opera house and science museum. You must use all of the vocabulary words and write between 200-500 words. </em></p> <p><em>Vocabulary Bank: <strong>sleek, critical, design, vaulted, acoustics, periodically, imagine, immense, efficient, global.</strong></em></p> <p>The link to the <a href="http://www.culturespain.com/2011/04/29/valencia-city-of-arts-and-sciences/">image</a> and information is here: http://www.culturespain.com/2011/04/29/valencia-city-of-arts-and-sciences/</p> <p>The purpose of providing vocabulary is first, to learn some vocabulary, but also to guide the ideas the students have when first considering the writing. I will not limit this to realistic non-fiction; if they wish to put an engine in the thing and blast off to Enceladus I'd be very happy!</p>