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Jan 31 2012

Trying One New Thing for Digital Learning Day

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Digital Learning Day encourages everyone—teachers, librarians, school leaders, and parents—to participate, regardless of experience, in the exploration of digital teaching practices by starting a conversation, trying one new thing, and showcasing success.

Digital Is has many great resources about educators trying something new with their students, whether it’s a new digital tool or a new conception of what is possible.

Digital Is... "beyond shiny new tools"
Elyse Eidman-Aadahl

Becoming a Fearless Explorer
Joe Wood

"Teaching" the Class
Jonathan Bartels

Moving to Movie Maker
Sally Griffin

Tinkering and Exploration
Angie Bunday

Social Media as a tool for Peer Collaboration with Elementary Students
Christopher Working

Expanding Uses for Scratch in the Classroom
Laura Beth Fay

This I Believe Goes Multimodal
Rochelle Ramay

Lights, Camera, Social Action!
Katie McKay

Literacy in our Lives
Becky Rupert

"Where do I start?": Beginning the Digital Journey in the Classroom
Kim Jaxon

Digital Is Bingo!
NWP Digital Is

Have you tried something new in your classroom or with your students? Blog about it for Digital Learning Day! Share your experience with the Digital Is Community.

Have we forgotten a Digital Is resource or story that inspired you to try something new? Comment and let us know!

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<p>I think that teaching in this era is so exciting, yet we have to be sure to THOUGHTFULLY use digital sources and material to further engage our students and enrich their learning experience and outcomes. I have found many valuable ways to not only use digital texts and videos but use Twitter, blogs, cell phones, and chat rooms to bring all students into the conversation and enable hands-on learning to take place. I am a community college English instructor and also an editor for Gleeditions.com. I urge you all to use our free or low cost resources and join our community! We have free Common Core texts, annotated Shakespeare and Twain (Gleeditions), free video clips from great theatrical productions, and a monthly literary news page. We are on the cutting edge of digital learning and are here to help students and teachers bring classic literature into the 21st century. </p>