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Jon Barilone
Apr 16 2013

Teens, Digital Media & The Chicago Public Library


**Next Webinar: Thursday, April 18, 11am-12pm PT**

Penny Sebring & Eric Brown - Teens, Digital Media, and the Chicago Public Library: A Study of YOUmedia's Progress
An in-depth look at YOUmedia's strengths as a space for connected learning, and broader considerations for application in other environments.

*Ways To Participate*

1. Join the Google+ Hangout with Penny & Eric: email jbarilone[at]hri.uci.edu for details
2. Watch, submit questions, and connect with others live on our Livestream Channel:
3. Watch live on http://connectedlearning.tv or http://gplus.to/connectedlearning
4. Contribute to the #connectedlearning Twitter hashtag chat

*Watch and Share the Previous Session*


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