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Linda Azeez
Jan 31 2012

The Technology We Use


When I first heard about Digital Learning Day, I started looking around to see how our teachers are using the technology as a day-to-day tool in the classroom. At first, I was just going to blog about what was going on in the building, but I decided to let the teachers share for themselves. So . . . I opened the question up to the teachers in my building. Here is a link to what they said. http://elementaryconnection.weebly.com/teacher-to-teacher-blog.html

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<p>Hello Linda. Thanks for sharing this link to the various projects that are happening in your building. I would love to hear, or see, more about what happens and reflections on what was learned. It would be interesting to understand more about, say, the what ways new tools might support fluency, or what is the impact of having students make commercials using Photostory on the ways that they compose and share their work.</p> <p>Have a wonderful Digital Learning Day!</p> <p>Christina</p>