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Jon Barilone
Mar 26 2013

Inquiry: The Very First Step in the Process of Learning


**Next Connected Learning Webinar: Thurs, March 28, 10-11am PT**

Chris Lehmann - Inquiry: The Very First Step In the Process of Learning
"How do we learn? What can we create? What does it mean to lead?"
Insights from the founding principal of Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy (http://scienceleadership.org).

*Ways To Participate*
1. Join the Google+ Hangout with Chris: email jbarilone[at]hri.uci.edu for details
2. Watch, submit questions, and connect with others live on our Livestream Channel:
3. Watch live on http://connectedlearning.tv or
4. Contribute to the #connectedlearning Twitter hashtag

*Watch and Share the Previous Session*

Brenda Hernandez & Sarah Meyer - Understanding HOMAGO and Informal Youth Spaces
How to invent a program where subject matter experts can become collaborative learning partners with youth.

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