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Jun 25 2012

Collaborative Writing with Dead Authors


(This is from my blog)

I know this may be little more practical than the “cool” factor but this is .. pretty cool. Google has released an automated version of its Google Documents that allows you to collaborate with dead writers. As a story unfolds, you’ll see Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Emily Dickinson and William Shakespeare and a few others pop into your writing, adding a phrase or word here and there, and maybe even an entire sentence. They might even remove some of your words and do a bit of editing. I found it interesting, if not a bit unnerving at times, to try to keep up with them (such as “they” are) and end up with something a bit coherent. (And I have no idea how the site actually works.)

If you want to see my document on Google, check out this link:

Read Writing with the Ghost Writers

But I also grabbed a screen capture as Google “previewed” my (our) story.

View the story process on YouTube

Give it a whirl and see what you can create as you write with The Masters.

Peace (in the ghostly collaboration),


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<p>fulfilled a dream to write with Shakespeare. &nbsp;Thank you for sharing!</p>
<p>And did he remove your words, replacing them with his? That's what he did to me.</p> <p>:)</p> <p>Kevin</p>