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Tips and Hints for Success

Written by Grace Raffaele
July 24, 2011

Some things I learned about organizing successful VoiceThread work in the classroom:

1. Assume the internet will not work. Create a back-up plan. The more prepared you are for the unexpected, the less likely it is to happen!

2. Aside from internet access, sound quality is the most important - and the trickiest - part of making quality VoiceThreads.

  • Try to get good headphones with microphones even though the computer speakers and mics may work fine.

  • Spread students out so their speaking does not interfere with each other.

  • Emphasize volume and clarity with the students. It is a good idea to do a demonstration of high and low sound quality so students know to listen to themselves and rerecord if necessary.

  • Be explicit about room noise such as chairs moving, doors sliding, etc. Some mics are very sensitive which can be a good thing except when residual noise overtakes the voice recording.

3. Prepare students in what it means to choose appropriate images.

4. Use this opportunity to teach them some internet and computer literacy skills such as what a URL is and does and what it means to use fair use images.