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Years in the Making with Connected Learning: Community Collaboration


“I Am Coming to the End of a Long Journey”: Legendary Detroit Activist Grace Lee Boggs in Hospice

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Almost 50 years ago from this moment, Grace Lee Boggs began to reflect on the power of education as it relates to the power to shape community. In Education: The Great Obsession, she argues that schools need to embrace their role as centers of the community and that the community’s needs and problems must look to take a central place within the curriculum. Boggs continues, “Through the solution of real community problems, students discover the importance not only of skills and information but also of the ideas and principles that must guide them in setting and pursuing goals.” In this resource around community collaboration, we return to Detroit to see how educators have put these ideals into practice, as well as expand beyond Detroit to see how teachers in other parts of the country are partnering with local communities to extend the scope of student learning and impact.

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