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A Fourth Grade Service Learning Project


"The kids wrote scripts, they revised them, interviewed, and rewrote their work before submitting their first podcast to the School District of Philadelphia podcast website."

During the 2008-2009 school year, my class was involved in a service learning project. The project utilized various technologies and digital media to complete the task. These tools proved to be invaluable for the English language learners who comprised the majority of my classroom.

As my class explored many different options for a service learning project, they discovered more about themselves and built a strong community of learners. When they finally settled on water conservation and pollution, they were eager to begin. Their selection of this topic also aligned with Pennsylvania fourth grade science standards.

Service Learning, Technology and English Language Learners

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<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Thank you. Mr. Rivera. for making a writing project come alive for this in-service student teacher. I especially like the way your students selected their topic through photography and then voted on the project. Your students are learning to be leaders, a more important objective&nbsp;than the&nbsp;standardized tests. Congratulations to you and your class. I would like to see where they go from here.</p>