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Joe Wood
Oct 25 2011

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Digital Text & the Common Core Standards


At Area 3 Writing Project we used Because Digital Writing Matters as a foundational text for our 2011 Summer Institute.  Throughout our conversations many times I found myself referring to portions of the Common Core Standards where digital text or digital writing is mentioned.  The attached document attempts to highlight those areas by calling out six of the 32 anchor standards where these concepts are described and looking at how they progress over the K-12 grade span through the lens of 4 particular grade levels.  While this document certainly does not summarize all of the places where digital writing and digital text correspond with the Common Core Standards, it serves as an anchor document for beginning the conversation about the role digital writing plays in our classrooms as we move into the future.

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<p>Returning to the HS classroom FT this year,&nbsp;spending time studying Common Core this summer, AND requiring my 11th and 12th grade Intensive Reading students to interact in the digital realm, I find this resource super-helpful... thank you!&nbsp;</p>