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Inanimate Alice: http://www.inanimatealice.com

Inanimate Alice Facebook Page:

Inanimate Alice Education Pack Registration: http://inanimatealice.com/education/iteachregistration.html

Issuu One of Alice’s School Report Magazine: http://issuu.com/inanimatealice/docs/alices_school_report_new

Issuu Two of Alice’s School Report Magazine: http://issuu.com/inanimatealice/docs/issuu_two

Other key resources related to Inanimate Alice:

Literacy adviser Bill Boyd explains what Alice means for him.


“Kids completely submerged in their work,” says teacher Kenny Pieper whose journey with Alice is quite a revelation.


Literacy- A New Concept in Reading


EdTech Digest Interview with Producer Ian Harper


Case Study from Minneapolis Reading Specialist Julie Call

Australian Grade 6 class: http://6cathie.com/

Alice and Friends – Digital Literacy wiki built around IA, created by two teachers in Australia: http://aliceandfriends.wikispaces.com/

Mr Woodz NZ class lesson plans etc: http://inanimatealice-aperspective.wikispaces.com/

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-itUTAlahrw&feature=related Don’t know where these have come from

First ones I spotted: Aronow’s English 10: http://aronowsenglish10.blogspot.com/ - Epi 5 by 7th pd

The Daily Dose - radio chatshow podcast - Pittsburgh University - http://www.pitt.edu/~ksw15/AlicePodcast.html

4MD - audio critiques of the stories: http://www.dragons-eye.co.uk/blogs.htm

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