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Oct 29 2010

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Digital Is... "now, and then"


Originally presented at a 2009 NWP convening, Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, from Michigan State University, takes a pass at naming what digital is ...

"digital is now and then; networked; collaborative; multimodal; re-mediated; remixed; and policed, and requires critical thinking and can be democratic"

Digital is the way we write today.  So what does that mean for us as teachers, students, writers, citizens and community members?

Digital Is, a project of the National Writing Project, aims to publish the voices of educators who are exploring the shifting terrain of writing today. We invite you to participate in the conversations on this website as we explore the teaching of writing in a world where, simply, digital is...

Follow the link below to see Dànielle's full resource.

Danielle DeVoss, "Digital Is"

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<p>It's so great to see so many rich examples of writing at the center of using new media for composition in the classroom. I know I will be sharing this site and using this site regularly. And I hope it keeps growing, gathering ideas and contributions from an ever widening range of folks, inside and outside of the National Writing Project.</p> <p>Kevin</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>