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Sequence of Inquiry for Wiki work



"The inquiry process is at the heart of all the technology tools I use with my students. This page shows the common sequence I use when introducing students to a new technology."

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<p>I really like the sequence you presented. It will be helpful as I work on my own project with my "Crew".&nbsp; </p>
<p>Hi Kim,</p> <p>I hope you'll check back to let us in the community know what you are discovering as you work with your own 'crew' on their inquiry work. &nbsp;You can post results here in the discussion, or let us know if you'd like to create a resource from your work.</p> <p>BTW, that is an ab-fab profile picture!</p>
<p>Howdy Kim,</p> <p>Have you had an opportunity to try out the sequence of inquiry?&nbsp;</p> <p>I'd love to know more about your discoveries!</p> <p>Thanks,</p> <p>Jason</p>