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As students thought about reading as interpreting text, writing as making meaning, and text as anything to which they might ascribe meaning, and as they talked about these concepts during their planning and videotaping, it was gratifying for me to watch them increasingly identify themselves as readers and writers. Later in the semester, students had some background upon which to build as they...
Turned off, checked out, and disengaged are ways Ralph Fletcher has described Boy Writers in his book Boy Writers: Reclaiming Their Voices.  Teachers are more than likely shaking their heads in agreement. Being a 7th/8th grade Language Arts Teacher, I have struggled with motivating boys who have the capacity to be brilliant writers. Three years ago I infused a multi-genre project into my...
Learning a new genre—whatever the form—can remind us of what it means to learn to write. In February 2009, I created a Twitter account. As Director of the Ozarks Writing Project at Missouri State University, a site of the National Writing Project, I imagined using Twitter to provide updates about events at our site. Twitter seemed like an enormous bulletin board. The first times I tweeted, I...
In this Voicethread, students and teachers react and reply to the Letters from the Internment Camps project.
Attached to this resource is a table of resources that provided inspiration to our students as they became Change Writers. Each book title or media resource is marked as appropriate for fourth grade, eighth grade, or both.
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Through this project we discovered that students, even young students, care deeply about issues of social injustice and are eager to examine examples from their immediate communities and to compare how they are similar or different to what students in other locations are observing or experiencing. Students are also quite capable of delving into complex social issues that span communities and...
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Here is a short video that describes our Change Writers project at Marsh Jr. High School.
Keywords: change writers
This video highlights the work of student change writers in several classrooms in Elk Grove, CA. Educators working with these students include Gail Desler, Pam Bodnar, Lesley McKillop, Hallie Ferrier, and Lutricia Hardaway.
"A Voicethread is a visual podcast, and it always starts with an image..." Gail Desler discusses Voicethread and fourth grade students creating a Voicethread to think about tolerance and intolerance as part of a lesson on history and Japanese internment camps.
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My journeys to the African continent permanently changed my perspective on the human condition. Traveling through Ugandan schools and HIV/AIDS clinics in 2002 and the ravaged villages in post-genocide Rwanda in 2004 during the 10th anniversary "Remembrance" left the resounding sounds of "never again" in my mind. Africa's visible beauty, color, and music reflected the underlying resiliency and...

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