[This is part of a larger conversation I have been having with Kevin Hodgson about digital writing and literacies (and which we are archiving at Jog the Web and here on the  National Writing Project Digital Is site in our blog posts.)] A few weeks ago, Kevin sent me a VoiceThread in which he asked me about online communities, their vibrancy and their exclusiveness. He asked this through a...
As I considered sharing a piece that might represent a school administrator’s application of Digital Is concepts, I knew it would mean pushing myself in an area that remains a challenge –the world of contemporary technologies. In general, I'm pretty comfortable with using technology because I'm not afraid to experiment. At the same time, I don't have a natural sense of logic that some bring to...
Keywords: inquiry, VoiceThread, wiki
In this Voice Thread, I introduce wikis to my 4th and 5th grade students. I describe the underlying best practices I follow, and I talk about a technology inquiry process I use with my students. I also talk about how wikis were used to improve content area learning. Students discuss the impact wikis had on their learning.
In this Voicethread, students and teachers react and reply to the Letters from the Internment Camps project.
"A Voicethread is a visual podcast, and it always starts with an image..." Gail Desler discusses Voicethread and fourth grade students creating a Voicethread to think about tolerance and intolerance as part of a lesson on history and Japanese internment camps.